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Faux Mink Lashes

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My BOUJEE AS HELL faux mink eyelashes are pure glamour, confidence and elegance. Boujee up your look with these luxurious eyelashes from my premium lash collection for full on romantic drama, designed to elongate your eyes and own your fierce.

Why I love my BOUJEE AS HELL eyelashes
- makes your eyes more almond shaped
- lightweight, doesn't tire your eyes
- doesn't hide your stunning eye makeup


BOUJEE AS HELL is that girl. She is the standout, she makes you feel like no one else exists except you.

She's long, she is thick and she is just impeccable.

I wear this lash to remind myself that I am BOUJEE AS HELL, when I go on a date with Chris, when I go to meet friends for parties & dancing.

It never disappoints, it always makes you be you.

BOUJEE AS HELL makes my eyes super sexy, it's the chosen one for when I want to remind myself that I am the moment.

You too are the moment! You are the baddest Boujee.


My Boujee As Hell faux mink lashes are designed to elongate your eyes and make them more almond shaped.
Long almond shaped eyes look very romantic and sexy ... always a good idea.
This lash is so great ... it still shows your beautiful eyeshadows from the inner corners to the middle of the eyelid, whereas other lashes usually hide this area.

Eyelash Hair Length:
Inner Corners 10mm
Middle 14mm
Outer Corners 15mm


Faux Mink (synthetic fibres)

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