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Faux Mink Eyelashes

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My NEVER BASIC faux mink eyelashes are the perfect elegant day-time lashes. They are soft, lightweight, elegant natural lashes to enhance your pure beauty.Discover elegance in simplicity and experience the finest in faux mink natural lashes.

Never ever ever ever ever be basic for nobody. Honey, shine bright let them buuuuurn! 

Why I love my NEVER BASIC Eyelashes
- super lightweight & comfortable to wear
- perfect daytime lashes
- doesn't tire your eyes


I love to Never Be Basic, you know that!

Girl, I got no lashes, they are not there! So I don't leave the house without lashes ever. NEVER BASIC rocks my eyes all day every day.

It gives me the moment that I need and I can wear it all day and all night .. they are not too much and not too little, they are perfection of perfectionism.


My Never Basic faux mink lashes are my favorite daytime lashes.They are evenly spaced and have a natural lash feel to them. They add the perfect amount of volume and length to your natural lashes for beautiful elegant eye makeup.

These lashes also work really well for the beautiful lighter eyes and lighter skin tones.

Eyelash Hair Length:
Inner Corners 9mm
Middle 14mm
Outer Corners 16mm


Faux Mink Lashes (Synthetic Fibres)

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