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Faux Mink Eyelashes

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These are my favorite eyelashes from my Premium Faux Mink Eyelash Collection. My PERIOD.DOT eyelashes are my ultimate secret to real drama eye makeup. These big fluffy lashes are designed to make your eyes look larger, and deliver full on volume and drama.

Transform your look with the magic of PERIOD.DOT – the queen of confidence.

Why I love my PERIOD.DOT eyelashes
- ultra glam and maximum drama lashes
- super lightweight & comfortable to wear 


They are supersize and fluffy I wear them when I want to feel like a bad bi!ch. PERIOD.DOT.

They make you look really hot and sexy, opens your eyes to the world and makes me feel like I am that girl.

I wear them to confessionals, interviews, red carpets ... because they make me a feel like a superstar.

For my RHODUBAI Confessionals I go all out ready to read some people and wear PERIOD.DOT lashes on top of of my BOUJEE AS HELL lashes.


My Period.Dot faux mink lashes are the lashes of all lashes! I looove them!
I have small eyes and my Period.Dot lashes make my eyes much bigger and perfectly proportion my face.
They are big and fluffy and full all over perfect.

Eyelash Hair Length:
Inner Corners 10mm
Middle 15mm
Outer Corners 18mm


Faux Mink (Synthetic Fibres)

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